Interested in learning a self defense martial art?  Shojin Judo offers highly a highly effective self-defense program for children, youth and adults.  Originally derived from Jiu-Jitsu, Judo is a martial art that is both a sport and an effective self-defense system.

We focus on proven defense in the real world. We will teach you and your child techniques that are powerful, direct, and successful. Our system follows the United States Judo Federation Self Defense Program, a nationally recognized, proven self-defense curriculum.

Beyond learning effective techniques, our program focuses on developing good judgment and de-escalation skills. In our classes, you or your child will develop the ability to recognize a threatening environment and avoid the situation whenever possible. If a threat cannot be resolved or avoided, you will have the skills to avoid and deter an attacker. In the event of an attack, you and your child will have the means to ultimately survive it

Neil Simon, the head instructor of Shojin Judo, is a nationally recognized expert in self-defense.  Neil serves as the Chair of the United States Judo Federation Self-Defense Committee.  He teaches and certifies instructors across the United States in self-defense.

Why our program?

Many martial arts schools claim to develop self-defense skills. For instance, in Karate or Kungfu, you may learn certain punching or blocking techniques, but these may not be enough to defend an attack.  Or, for example, in Tae Kwon Do, you may learn flashy kicks and punches, but this will not be sufficient enough to help you deal with someone attempting to drag you to the ground.

Because we are a Judo based program, our students know how to defend situations from both the standing position as well as on the ground, which is where many self-defense situations end up.

We make sure that our students are prepared for any type of attack.  Our students are confident in their skills, and because we integrate our self-defense classes into our regular Judo program our students know that they can perform self-defense in a real world, street situation. 

The major goals of our program include:

  1. Build competence in being able to recognize dangerous situations
  2. Gain confidence by having alternatives, such as verbally avoiding situations or escaping from physically threatening situations
  3. Acquire the ability and confidence to physically intervene, if necessary

Self-Defense for Kids

More than ever, parents recognize that they cannot be with their children to protect them from individuals who mean harm. Unfortunately, bullies and predators are a reality that they may have to confront.

Different age groups face different challenges and situations. For example, youth between ages 5-9 are more prone to kidnapping, sexual and physical abuse while 10-14 year olds are more prone to physical and emotional bullying.  Adolescence are more prone to physical bullying and abuse. Each category has a different set of needs, and we teach youth how to appropriately handle each scenario.

In our self defense classes we teach three distinct levels of intervention:

  1. Verbal de-escalation
  2. Escapes
  3. Self-defense techniques (using reasonable degrees of aggression

Our kids self-defense program helps children protect themselves. We offer a fun, balanced approach to martial arts self defense.  Our students develop a holistic approach to utilizing martial arts in their lives.

Self Defense for Adults
Our self-defense program is designed for adults of all ages.  We  approach self-defense for adults from the following perspective:

  1. Avoid situations
  2. Deter the attacker
  3. Survival skills – do what you need to do to survive the situation
  4. Self-defense – use a reasonable degree of aggression

Adults, through appropriate exposure to training, learn to read situations, develop appropriate strategies to avoid situations and/or deter a potential attacker.  In the event that the first two steps are ineffective or no time is available to employ those strategies our students have the skills needed to survive a difficult or perilous situation.