Shojin Judo Programs

Shojin Judo is committed to helping participants meet their desired personal goals through the martial art of Judo.  We offer three basic programs for all skill levels. Whether you are a complete beginner or have prior a martial arts background, our programs are designed to meet your needs no matter your skill level. Because our martial arts programs are individually tailored, participants are able to engage with the entire class at their respective skill level.

Shojin Judo’s introductory course offers participants, whether youth, adolescents, adults, or seniors the fundamentals of Judo. In this course we present the basics of physical conditioning, falling, movement, and pins. The objective is to introduce the participant to the basic concepts of the sport of Judo.  The martial art of Judo

Our intermediate course introduces participants to basic Judo techniques which can be used when playing with other students in the class. Participants are introduced to foot, hip, and shoulder throwing techniques, as well as more advanced techniques for mat (ground) work. 

The advanced course is for those who wish to participate in competitive Judo. Competitive Judo can be played in school and at tournaments held locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. This program focuses on developing the complete Judo player. For those students who wish to continue in the advanced course, but do not want to pursue competitive Judo, we also offer interactive kata training (performing prearranged moves) that can be demonstrated in a variety of venues.

Shojin Judo Benefits

While taking Judo, you will learn different aspects of coordination, balance, and effective motion. You will also learn how to fall safely and not hurt yourself. Learning how to fall safely can reduce injury to you in other sports and activities as well. 

Judo is great for kids!

Judo is great for kids!

Judo has many fitness benefits that encourage a healthier body. It increases muscle development and tone, strength, and cardio.  It’s an excellent martial art to keep in shape or get in shape.

Judo not only builds a healthier body but also a healthier mind. Judo practitioners build character, self-confidence, self-discipline, and respect for others. There are rules and regulations that students must learn and abide by. They will also learn trust and respect in their teachers and opponents. Judo encourages good sportsmanship with traditions like bowing to show respect to one another.  

Judo builds a healthier spirit. People have reported lower stress levels when taking martial arts training like Judo. There are also Judo exercises you can practice without a partner or opponent that can help teach you proper breathing techniques to lower those stress levels. Judo can be even considered a form of meditation because of its fluid range of movement.

Lastly,  Judo it is also used as an effective self-defense technique system.  These skills will benefit you greatly should you ever get caught in a physical altercation.