Shojin Judo is a community-based judo program located in Metro Detroit that assists children, youth, and adults of all abilities in their personal development. We are Michigan non-profit recognized as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization by the IRS.

We offer affordable and accessible Judo Programs for people of all ages and abilities.  Our mission is to promote the principles and teachings of Kodokan Judo to help individuals develop their human potential.  

Shojin Judo is a program where individuals can learn, grow and develop themselves into fully contributing human beings. Shojin Judo’s program is guided by these principles rising from its vision:

  • Provide a fun and safe environment, healthy lifestyle choices, and role models who demonstrate ethical behavior that teach and enhance life skills.
  • Promote mutual respect, benefit, and welfare that appreciates and accepts ethical, racial, gender, physical, and socio-economic diversity.
  • Encourage academic and athletic achievement and build connections between the two.
  • Use positively centered interactions to foster self-image and esteem, respect for self and others, and community contributions.
  • Open recreational and competitive opportunities for all potential and existing judo participants.