We invite you to come learn Judo, an amazing martial art and Olympic Sport. Our highly qualified black belt instructors provide world class instruction and are happy to take you on your own journey in Judo.

We provide the community with an inviting and friendly atmosphere to learn an exciting martial art. Our mission is to assist all in their own personal development through Judo.

Stop by one of our classes to start, no appointment needed. If you have any questions, please contact us.  We have a number of options designed to fit your needs.

We are located in Southfield, Michigan, just North of Detroit.

What is Judo?

Judo is a sport, a discipline, a fitness program, an art, and a means of self-defense.  It was created by Dr. Jigoro Kano in 1882 and has been an Olympic sport since 1964.

Judo is the compilation of spectacular throwing techniques and ground grappling utilizing specific pins, control holds, and submission techniques. 

Judo develops self-confidence, concentration, and leadership skills. It emphasizes safety and develops high-level conditioning and fitness training. Judo is also a unique sport that allows almost anybody to participate no matter his or her age, gender, or physical limitations.

Why Judo?

· Fitness: Judo is more than a gym membership. It’s a creative and fun fitness program that teaches coordination, focus, and discipline through Judo techniques and etiquette.

· Self Defense: Judo is an excellent way to learn how to protect and defend yourself in a real life situation.

· Self Development: Judo teaches practitioners to be active and productive members of society. Judo builds character through teaching leadership skills, self-confidence, and mental strength.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is Judo safe?

When Judo is properly taught and supervised it is a safe and very healthy form of exercise. In fact, studies have shown it to be one of the safest sports for youth under 13 years old.

2.  How is Judo different than other martial arts like Karate,  Taekwondo or Kungfu?

Judo focuses on the application of safe, effective techniques using principles of leverage.  Unlike other martial arts, there are no unrealistic flying kicks or punches.

3. What programs do you offer?

We offer programs for adults, women, youth and children.

4. Do I need to have any experience to try it?

No. We welcome all experience levels including those who have never tried it before.

5. Who can practice Judo?

Men, women, and children from all age groups can practice Judo. Most people with disabilities or physical limitations can also participate. Judo is even a sport in the Paralympics. For those with special needs such as visual and auditory impairments or physical restrictions, Judo can be a fun sport to play.

6. Do I need a uniform (judogi)?

Beginners are not required to have a uniform. They can wear loose comfortable clothes with long sleeves and pants. Once they decide to stay with the program they can purchase a judogi (or gi).

7. Will I get in shape?

Judo works all the muscles in your body. It increases your flexibility, coordination, agility, balance, cardio, and more.